Sprayguard PTFE (max. 235 °C) 8" 300#

Sprayguard PTFE (max. 235 °C) 8" 300#

Article number: SGA0800300P1

Product groups: Sprayguard, ANSI, PTFE (max 235gr), 300#

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Sprayguard PTFE (max. 235 °C) 8" 300#. Safety or Spray Shields offer the last line of defence. They are not designed to contain the leak indefinitely, but to prevent the harmful spray out.

Sprayguards are used in a variety of industries, where their primary application is the prevention of harmful spray-outs and mist formation from failing pipe joints, of toxic, corrosive and dangerous liquids such as acid, oil or steam.

Pipe joint failures have been responsible for a large number of high profile industrial incidents around the world. Acid, oil and steam jet spray-outs have resulted in many severe personal injuries, either directly or through consequent fires and explosions. Industry regulators have recognised the importance of shielding pipe joints to prevent jet leaks or the formation of explosive mist. Such spray-outs can have catastrophic effects, in many cases resulting in fire or explosions causing considerable plant down time, capital expenditure and even loss of life.

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The indicated thicknesses are theoretical thicknesses. However, Steekflens will always use the standard trade plate thicknesses. As a result, the thickness of the blindspades could end up being higher than the theoretical thicknesses.

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