Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

In all cases in which we act as offeror or supplier, our offers, assignments given to us and agreements concluded with us are subject to the METAALUNIE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. These terms and conditions have been filed at the Registry of the Rotterdam District Court.

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Rental conditions

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Steekflens is ISO9001 certified. View our ISO certificates: 


All delivered parts are do minimal comply with the “Fabrication Standards”

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Our pricing

Pricing on our website is for calculation only, no rights, whatsoever, can be obtained from these text and/or prices.

Prices are flexible based on daily steel price, volume and quantity

If you follow the ordering procedure we will send you a customized quotation based on your specific requirements.


Our standard blindflanges and other products are flat cut from steel plate according to intenational standards such as:

ASME B 16.5

DIN EN 1092-1

JIS B 2200 (JPF/JSA)

We produce out of standard commercial sheet thickness as a result of which sizes can be thicker than “standard” thickness.

Cashback regulation

We offer a 20% cashback regulation (deposit) on Blindspades products when items are returned in a usable state and within a time frame of 6 months after delivery.

By returning the product you preserve natural resources, and give the product a second life whilst saving approximately 0,46 KG CO2 per kg delivered steel!

Returned goods must be cleaned from gasket- and or product remains.