General Flange Procedure

Making a flange connection requires skill and training. To check the progress and quality of the flange connection even during maintenance work, one can use Flange labels. The attached flange procedure can be used to control the process. You can order the required flange labels here at Blindspades.

Flange Registration & Flange Labeling Requirements

In order to monitor the work performed, the reporting / registration of all flange connections should be done in accordance with the sample "flange registration form". See Appendix 1.2 of these instructions.

Also, all connections must be provided with a label physically placed on or attached to the flange in question, see Appendix 1.1 for an example.

The above requirements apply to all work on flanges; during new construction, shutdowns and preventive and corrective maintenance work. Although breaking flanges for safety purposes is within the scope of this work instruction, the specific requirements regarding recording and labeling blind flanges and plugs are not described in this work instruction.

Reporting of defects / deviations

If defects are found during assembly or disassembly work, this must be reported immediately to the site manager or supervisor. For example, corrosion and damage to gaskets or flanges and/or large misalignment of the flanges. If there is any deviation, a plan of action must be drawn up. The plan must be submitted to the client for approval. It should describe the following:

  • Details flange connection (materials, gasket type, flange dimensions, etc.).
  • The method of execution (procedure).
  • The tools to be used.
  • A calculation for determining the required bolt load, including the corresponding calculated tightening torques.
  • VGWM
  • When dismantling flange connections, measures should be taken to collect any
    leakage fluids.
  • Dismantling of flange connections with asbestos-containing gasket materials (type CAF - "Compressed Asbestos Fibres" and SWAF - "Spiral Wound Asbestos Filled"): the removal of asbestos-containing gaskets can be carried out in-house provided specific management measures are met.