What is Flange Safety

Bolted flange connections are a potential leakage point resulting in environmental damage or personal injury. Blindspade's Flange Safety program offers a number of solutions to prevent this, and a number of products to limit the damage.

Preventing environmental damage or personal injury

SafeFlange™ (lock&tagout of flanges)

The SafeFlange™ is the first, and to our knowledge, the only system for Lock Out and Tag Out (LoTo) of flange connections. A flange secured with the SafeFlange™ cannot be removed without everyone's lock out.

Flens Compliance™

Compliancy is the tracking and recording of products, actions and systems. Digitizing with a QR code creates the possibility to check not only (real-time) the process steps but also whether the combination flange connection/Blindspades matches, the right quality is used, etc.. Blindspades supplies and designs the codes, your system, hardware and associated software.

Limiting the (consequential) damage


Should a flange connection fail, the SprayProtector™ offers additional protection to prevent a (dangerous) spray. The SprayProtectors can be executed with a drain so that it is clear in advance where a possible leakage will end up. At this point additional measures can be taken. SprayProtectors can be delivered in several material combinations and sizes, so for every pipe and product a suitable solution can be offered.