Spectacle blind: a spade and spacer in one?

The spectacle blind or reversible blind is a metal product, used for servicing pipelines. Spectacle blinds consist of two rings connected together: 1 ring with a hole in it like a spacer and 1 ring that is completely closed like a spade. The spectacle blind is used in the space between two pipelines connected by bolts. A hole in the middle of the reversible blind serves as a connection point. This is where 1 of the bolts can be inserted to attach the spectacle blind to the pipeline. Turning the spectacle blind can be used to determine what happens to the contents of the pipeline. With the spacer part, the contents can flow as usual and with the spade part, the contents of the pipeline are stopped.

How is a spectacle blind used?

First of all, the spectacle blind must be mounted. When it is mounted for the first time, it can immediately be chosen whether the pipeline supply will be blocked or let through. Once this is decided, the spectacle blind can be mounted. Remove the nuts from the section of pipeline where the spectacle blind is to be placed. Then the bolts can be removed from the flange connection to insert the blind. Once the spectacle blind is mounted in the right place with a bolt through the middle, the other bolts and nuts can be screwed back onto the pipeline.

Spectacle Blind | Reversible Blind

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Spectacle Blind or Reversible Blind