Flange safety

Flange safety ensures safe working on flanged connections.

Until now there was no possibility to physical lock flanged connections. With the, by Steekflens.NL, developed SafeFlange™ you can lock the (battery limit) flanged connections for unauthorised opening. When you incorporate the SafeFlange™ in your regular Lock Out Tag Out (LoTo) Procedures.

A missing blindspade or a blindspade that is not supposed to have been placed can have severe safety and/or environmental consequences.

Well trained craftsmen and clear procedures are essential in working correctly and safely in the (Petro) Chemical industry. But no matter how well you train your employees or how sound and secure are your procedures, it is still “comfortable” that incorrect behaviour or unwanted actions is made physically impossible by locking the flanged connection.


Gasket blowout is a worst case scenario that we don’t want to experience. The risk for employees and environment can be enormous by product exposure or uncontrolled spills. Usage of the  sprayguard as an extra precaution tool controls the spills and product spray is contained within the sprayprotector. As an extra safely measure we deliver spray control sleeves with a drain so the leaked product can safely be drained into a chemical storage system.

Entry Blocker

A manhole that cannot be entered as the tank is not “released” by inspection or operations is often sealed by using red/white striped tape. Blindspades.com has developed the EntryBlocker. In a steel or plastic version the EntryBlocker forms a solid barrier that makes entry of the confined space impossible. The plastic version is developed so that “with some force” it can be removed. In this way the manhole stays available as escape route!

Safe Flange

The safe flange is a hard lock on opening or manipulating flanged connections. Use of the SafeFlange™ makes it impossible to remove critical blindspades that separates the life factory from the workers on the pipeline.  With several locking positions it is assured that all parties involved have finished working and that the pipeline is ready for operation.