SBlindspades and pressure test materials are not always needed. But when you need them you want them fast, checked and in a proper manner delivered at your site.

For these (daily)  situations we offer you our flange management program.

When you descide for a FlangeManagement corporation we make sure that the materials are available with one mail or phone call on site, checked, in time, any time.

Benefits FlangeManagement™ bij Blindspades.com:

  • Reclaim of “dead capital”.
  • Recuperation of unusable items
  • Dramatic cost reduction
  • Less use of natural resources
  • Improved availability
  • Relieve of the purchase department
  • Les logistics
  • Clear costs upfront
  • Full control by step by step approach
  • Les waiting hours, Improved productivity
  • Less storage space
  • Full access to the Blindspades stock

Roadmap Cost reduction

Collecting phase:

  • Collecting the “lost stock” in one location
  • Transport to a Blindspade site
  • Inventory of the items by Blindspades.com
  • Presenting recuperation plan

If agreed we continue with the next step (=holdpoint)


Recuperation phase:

  • Revision of the lost stock.
  • Grid blasting and (color) coding of the products.
  • Classify, mark and storage of the Stock
  • Presenting stocklist and storage plan.

If agreed we continue with the next step (=holdpoint)


Execution Phase:

  • Your stock managed by Blindspades.com

Costs? Only the pre-agreed monthly storage fee.

During the whole process the owner of the goods is at full control land descides per phase if he wants to continue or not.

Want to know More? Please contact us and let us discuss your benefits with our knowledge