Environmental and Economic benefit through Flange Management

Spades or flanges are not always needed. But when you do need them, you want them quickly controlled and delivered in an orderly manner. For this purpose Blindspades offers you the flange management program. The Flange Management Program consists of 3 services, including TAR™ Services.

T.A.R. Services™

Blindspades TAR Services

Our Blindspades specialists make an optimal management proposal for your specific situation, after doing the Quickscan.

All the possibilities of TAR Services at a glance:

  • Quick scan on location (free)
  • Inventory and sorting on site
  • Disposal of "waste"
  • Recovery of goods
  • (color) coding
  • Preservation
  • Price agreements on Flange products
  • Storage at Blindspades
  • Location warehouse for "grab stock"
  • Housekeeping on location
  • Flange management for maintenance and projects.

Guaranteed 70% to 90% less material loss!

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