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Sheet thickness

The indicated thicknesses are theoretical thicknesses. However, Blindspades will always use the standard trade plate thicknesses. As a result, the thickness of the blindspades could end up being higher than the theoretical thicknesses.

Storz Coupling

Below is the overview of all our storz couplings. You can also click straight through to our Hose Couplings, Caps, Spanners, Rubber Gaskets or Locking Rings.  We probably have all the types and sizes you need. Can't find the Storz coupling that exactly meets your requirements? Then get in touch!

Storz couplings from Blindspades

As well as being widely used to connect fire hoses, Storz couplings are found in a lot of industries. So, despite also being called 'fire hose fittings' or 'fire hose couplings', they can connect all kinds of hoses together. What makes these couplings so pleasant to work with is that they are 'hermafrodite'. So Storz couplings of the same size can always be joined together - you don't need a male and female. How convenient! Even more convenient: Storz couplings can be connected by putting them together and turning them a quarter turn. This makes it much quicker than with other couplings. 

As easy as this coupling is to connect, as difficult it is to disconnect it again when pressure is applied. This makes it a very safe system that is never simply disconnected while fluid is flowing through it. This prevents a lot of trouble!


Aangegeven dikten zijn theoretische dikten. Steekflens zal echter altijd de standaard handels plaatdikten aanhouden. Hierdoor kunnen steekflenzen dikker uitvallen dan de theoretische berekende dikten.