Flange rental

Spades and test flanges are used during maintenance and Turn arounds. In-between the maintenance projects test materials are most often stored in an uncontrolled and und conditioned manner. So when you need them again they are degenerated and no longer usefull.

This is a terrible waste of natural resources and usefull materials.

In our flange rental program we offer our customers to rent in stead of buying the blindflanges, testflanges and spades. In this way the use of materials, use of storage space, quality and money is optimized to the max. Blindspades.com guarantees the quality an use of the goods supplied.

By using the test trailer or our location warehouse you are assured that all materials needed are on location when needed. These complete lockable location systems can be fully equipped to user wishes and specifications. The content includes test pumps, pressure hoses, studbolts and nuts, gaskets etc.