Blind flange: Sealing a pipeline

A blind flange is a circular steel plate with several bolt holes in it. The blind flange has multiple uses, but is primarily used for sealing pipelines. When a pipeline has reached its end point and does not need to be connected to another pipeline, it must be sealed. Otherwise, the liquid or gas may escape. Flange bolts can be used to mount the blind flange to the pipeline.

What should I be aware of when purchasing a blind flange?

The first thing to consider is the size of the blind flange needed to seal a specific pipeline. The exact dimensions of each blind flange can be found on the relevant product page. At Blindspades, you can choose blind flanges with DIN and ANSI connections. The European standard for pipeline connections is DIN. For American connections, the ANSI standard applies. If you are not sure which connection you need, always consult an expert! Our team is always available to help you with technical questions, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Next, it is important to connect the blind flange to the pipeline safely and correctly. Always wear protective clothing and ensure that there is no risk of liquid or gas escape when mounting or dismounting a blind flange. Also, make sure that the flange bolts are well greased to make blind flange assembly as smooth as possible. Always have blind flanges and other flanges assembled by professionals who have the proper certification, such as a VCA! This will reduce your risk of accidents or incorrect assembly.

Blind flange