Blindflange Programs

Our programs is much more than only a supplier of spades! We cover all aspects around flanged connections and/or pipeline testing and integrity. Our delivery programme includes:

  • Spectacle blinds (with or without gasket surfaces)
  • Flange storage systems
  • Steamspades and Steam crosses
  • Pipeline safety equipment such as:
    • Splash control or Sprayguards
    • Flangelabels
    • LOTO systems (lock out tag out) for flanges
    • Entry Blocker, solid manhole barrier
    • Wood flangeprotection (or adhesive rubber flange protection)
  • Rent of (larger) blindspades and blindflanges
  • Flangecompliancy (real time, digital, tracking of the progres made)
  • Flangemanagement (Managemant, storage and maintenance of your temporary blinding materials)