Proces Spade ANSI - 12" 150# Stainless Steel

Proces Spade ANSI - 12" 150# Stainless Steel

Article number: PFA1200150R201

Product groups: Spade, ANSI, Stainless steel, Proces Spade, 150#

€ 422.31


Proces Spade ANSI - 12" 150# Stainless Steel. Spade suitable for pipe systems with normal proces pressure. Spades fabricated out of stainless steel plate. Not for use for test systems.

Our Proces spade (also known as Single Line Blind of Blank) is designed for separation of pipespools. These spades are for design pressure only.
Our spades fits standard ANSI flanges.
We produce our spades out of standard steel plates, if you need a facing on it? No problem, please note it with your order.

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Sheet thickness

The indicated thicknesses are theoretical thicknesses. However, Steekflens will always use the standard trade plate thicknesses. As a result, the thickness of the blindspades could end up being higher than the theoretical thicknesses.

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