Globe Valve

Here you can find all globe valves that we have in our assortment for you. We have Screw Down Check Globe Valves as well as Flanged Ends Globe Valves. Do you have any questions about them? Please contact us!

What is a globe valve?

The globe valve is a commonly used type of valve in pipeline construction. This is because the valve controls the flow in a pipeline by means of a disc-shaped plug. This plug can be turned on or off, allowing the flow of a fluid to be stopped, started, or regulated. The globe valve gets its name from the spherical base it used to have, which looked somewhat like a globe. Since then, the valve looks different, but the name has remained.

How it works

This type of valve is very easy to operate, making it a commonly used component. Turning the handwheel on top of the globe valve opens, closes or makes something in between happen (a regulated flow). When one closes the valve, the stem in the center of the handwheel goes down. This closes the opening in the pipe. When one wants to open the valve and thus turns the handwheel the other way, the stem comes out and below it the pipe is opened again.

Other Valves

Are you in need of another type of valve? At Blindspades we also offer a various amount of valves, such as the Angle Valve, Gate Valve, Swing Check Valve, Lift Check Valve, Butterfly Valve and the Ball Valve. Do you have any questions about us or about our products? Feel free to contact us!

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