DIN Spacers

Underneath you find an overview of all of our DIN Spacers.

Were you looking for a JIS spacer?

We can supply you with all of the DIN spacers you need. Our wide range of different DIN spacers includes the right size for almost all purposes. The spacers are all of excellent quality, are reliable and will last a long time. Whatever type you are looking for, we have it for you. Are you actually looking for a different type of spacer? Then see our ANSI spacers and JIS spacers.

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Are you going for high-quality DIN spacers? Then choose Blindspades! If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Our specialists will be happy to help you make the best choice!

Sheet thickness

The indicated thicknesses are theoretical thicknesses. However, Steekflens will always use the standard trade plate thicknesses. As a result, the thickness of the blindspades could end up being higher than the theoretical thicknesses.