Steamspade 15 5K Stainless Steel

Steamspade 15 5K Stainless Steel

Article number: SSJ0050005R201

Product groups: Steamcross/spade, Steamspade, JIS, Stainless steel, 5K

€ 64.38



Steamspade 15 5K Stainless Steel. Steam cross for steamcleaning of pipes. It protects the flange facing from damage due to the use of a wedge. This spade makes it possible to control the dangerous vapor (product parts in the vapor.

Steamspades for the steamcleaning and evaporate pipe systems.
Steamspades are spacers with an open part. Steamspades regulates the mist formation to a safe place.

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Sheet thickness

The indicated thicknesses are theoretical thicknesses. However, Blindspades will always use the standard trade plate thicknesses. As a result, the thickness of the blindspades could end up being higher than the theoretical thicknesses.

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